'Real Housewives' Star Gets Plastic Surgery for the Right Reasons

lauren manzo breast reductionGuys. Lauren Manzo looks good. Like reallllyyyyy good. Like 8,000 times better than Tamra Barney Judge after another round of Botox injections, good. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star opted for lap band surgery back in 2011 and recently went in for surgery again. That's right: Lauren got a breast reduction, and as you can see (right), she is looking like a new woman!

Sure, the ladies of Real Housewives are no strangers to going under the knife. But I commend Lauren because this is just another step on her mission to get healthy. A step she took for herself. Going from a G-cup down to a C, it seems like for the first time since making a splash on Bravo in the first place -- Lauren is happy with her body.


Without a doubt this is the kind of plastic surgery procedure that the 25-year-old reality star seriously evaluated. That intensive process, thinking about possible plastic surgery complications, is something arguably so many patients don't really consider -- especially more famous clientele. These women in the spotlight just think about what the media is saying about their look, wondering if they look too old on TV, changing things because they feel like they need to rather than thinking about what the healthiest decision is.

Lauren got this lap band procedure to get a second chance at living life in a healthy way. In our exclusive interview with mom Caroline Manzo, she mentioned that her daughter has become an inspiration to her on how to live healthy and make great decisions. It's clear to me that this breast reduction was a great decision. Now, Lauren will never say she "hates herself" ever again.

Would you ever get breast reduction surgery? What do you think of Lauren's new look?


Image via LaurenManzo/Twitter

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