Newlywed Danielle Fishel Goes OFF on Bullies Who Call Her Creepy & Fat

danielle fishelBoy Meets World actress Danielle Fishel married her long-time boyfriend, Tim Belusko, recently. Yay, right? You may not have heard, because, well, Fishel's not exactly a huge celeb, but I'm telling you now because it's nice when two people who love each other get hitched. Well, most people think it's nice. Other people apparently think it's creepy (Fishel's 32; Belusko's 25) and an occasion to judge a woman for looking "fat" in her wedding gown.

Just before leaving for her honeymoon, Fishel went off -- no, off -- on Internet a-holes who apparently lobbed insults the actress' way after she tied the knot. And all I can say: You do not want to mess with Topanga Lawrence.

Check out Fishel's rant:






Amen, sister.

While it is rare for a woman to marry a man who's seven years younger than her, Fishel's not exactly robbing the cradle here. I hate to bring out the old standard, but if a man married a woman who was that much younger than him, it'd be high-fives all around. And the couple met in college -- when Belusko was 20-years-old. Yes, this arrangement might be a bit unconventional, but here's a celebrity who's marrying an average Joe after being with him for five years, and she's getting shit for it? This actually seems like a mature, responsible relationship to me, as opposed to some of the other marriages we see in Hollywood.

And to the people who said Fishel looked fat in her wedding dress: You're, um, not serious, are you? If so, I demand you post bathing suit shots of yourselves to the Internet immediately. Because that's just coconuts.

Fishel, although clearly pissed, wound up getting the last laugh in this whole mess, though. Before leaving for her honeymoon, she left the internet with this:


Do you, girl. Do you. And congrats!

What do you think of Fishel getting rude comments about her wedding?


Image via Jared Milgrim/Corbis

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