Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Have Been Secretly Hooking Up!?

kristen stewart robert pattinsonWhoa, Robsten fans, you're about to have your world completely ROCKED. Although we've been hearing for weeks that Robert Pattinson is moving on with Dylan Penn and/or countless other ladies he's rumored to be romancing, and Kristen Stewart looks like she's moving on from her former leading man, hold on to your hats, because sources say the exes are STILL hooking up!

Life & Style says they can exclusively report that the couple hasn't moved on, according to a source, who reveals, “They’ve always had a passion for each other, so even though the relationship didn’t work out, they still hook up when they’re in L.A.” OMG!


A friend tells the mag that Kristen spent an evening at Rob's rental house on October 9. When her assistant came to pick her up the next morning, "she was in a great mood. They had ordered food in and stayed up late talking. She said hanging out with Rob was just like old times.” Wow ...

I mean, I guess we shouldn't be that surprised, considering how exes hook up and remain friends with benefits all the time, and in Hollywood, that's even MORE true for famous former lovebirds. (Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, I'm looking at you.) But, still -- it's nothing short of jaw-dropping to think that Rob and Kristen may be fooling us all!

However, Robsten fans shouldn't get their hopes up that this means a full-on romantic reunion for the pair. While apparently Kristen would like to get back together, a Life & Style source elaborates, "Rob doesn’t see a future with Kristen at this point in time, but he likes to hook up with her. He’s made it clear that they are not exclusive.”

Sounds like a situation that will most likely end in heartbreak. But hey, these two probably know one another better than anyone else, so I'm sure they can handle ... whatever it is they're doing.

Are you shocked to hear this? Do you think it could turn into another go at their relationship?


Image via © Mark Makela/Corbis

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