8 Reasons Kim Kardashian's Third Marriage Really Could Be the Charm

kim kardashian kanye westNow that Kim Kardashian is officially engaged, bets are already being placed on how long her marriage to Kanye West will last. Sure, that's somewhat to be expected considering her embarrassingly brief, 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries ... not to mention the fact that the majority of marriages among the Kardashians have resulted in divorce or separations at this point. Still, isn't it just a little bit cold-hearted and cruel to immediately be shredding her chances at making this third time the charm? 

Furthermore, even if the odds seem stacked against 'em, there's actually plenty of evidence that points to a Kimye marriage making it. Here, eight reasons why the pair could be headed down the aisle to happily ever after ...

  1. Kanye really is madly in love with Kim. The rapper has been chasing down his "perfect b****" for nine years! I feel like that definitely reflects at least his interest in and ability to make a long-term commitment work.
  2. Kim seems to be head-over-heels for Kanye ... for exactly the right reasons. Although Kim insists to this day that she was in love with Kris Humphries, it doesn't seem like the pair had enough time to have a truly mature connection. On the other hand, while gushing about her engagement to E!, she said, "I get to marry my best friend!" Being BFFs with your mate certainly lays a strong foundation for a marriage.
  3. Two words: North West. Now that they have their beautiful baby girl, they almost have to take this marriage a bit more seriously than Kim did her last two. It's simply a fact that having a child together raises the stakes of a divorce.
  4. They obviously have a hot sex life -- even post-baby. With Kanye's Twitter excitement over Kim's butt selfie, the two busted the myth that your sex life dies after having kids! Seems like a good sign that they have lasting chemistry ... And that they may be able to bust other myths -- like that Kardashian marriages are destined to fail -- too.
  5. Her reputation. Although she could be fancying herself a modern era Elizabeth Taylor who'll need both hands to count all of her marriages one day, I'm more apt to believe Kim was embarrassed by her divorce from Kris. She wouldn't want to have to relive that or deal with the fallout from another very public divorce.
  6. HIS reputation. A man who penned a song called "I Am a God" probably isn't going to want to tie the knot only to end up looking like a complete fool, amirite?
  7. The FAMILY's reputation! Let's not forget that Kris Jenner will have a cow if Kimye make the whole brood look even more ridic.
  8. The mere stress of ANOTHER divorce. Kim seemed totally beaten down by her court battle with Kris! Really, who would be rushing into doing that all over again?

Do you think that Kimye has a shot at a lasting marriage?

Image via TGB/Splash News

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