New Ylvis Song 'Massachusetts' Is Funnier (& Raunchier!) Than 'The Fox' (VIDEO)

ylvisJust when you thought you'd never get "The Fox" out of your head: Norwegian group Ylvis has a new single, "Massachusetts," and, well, I don't even know where to begin. An ode to the "14th biggest state," the video for this latest tune doesn't involve any animal costumes, but you won't miss 'em -- there are so very many other things going on. (Most of which will make you wonder if this three foreign fellows have ever actually been to Massachusetts, "the paradise on Earth.") 

Oh, and there's something else about "Massachusetts" that's very, very different from "The Fox" ...


It's, er, Not Exactly Safe for Work. OR kids. Which is partly what makes it so amazing! Seriously, this song is definitely funnier than "The Fox" -- like, laugh out loud funny -- but unless you're okay with your little ones singing along to lyrics like, Boston city skyline or a picnic in the park/Checking out the nightlife and suddenly you're sucking on a cock, you'll definitely want to limit their Ylvis exposure to that furry animal noises tune.

Still. Grown-up ears, particularly those with good senses of humor who've been waiting for music to get Weird Al funny again, will love this bizarre tribute to Massachusetts. Even if you've yet to grab a friend and rent a car/Drive and drive across the Massachusetts. Just watch:

Was I wrong?? Oh, MAN! I don't know about you, but I'm gonna be laughing about this one all day. I think my favorite part might be when they argue about how to spell "Massachusetts." That's way too many Ks!! Hell, even Americans have a tough time spelling that state's name correctly.

What do you think of the new Ylvis tune "Massachusetts"?


Image via Ugly Paul/YouTube

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