Sean Lowe's Dad Reveals How the Family REALLY Feels About Catherine Giudici

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When I first heard that Sean Lowe's family did not attend the engagement party thrown in Seattle for him and Catherine Giudici, two thoughts immediately popped into my head. First, I thought it was really odd for them to skip the bash because the parents and siblings of the groom normally attend that sort of thing. Second, I figured it might be a sign that they aren't exactly thrilled about Sean getting hitched, because they don't think Catherine is the right woman for him.

There has to be a decent reason why they didn't fly in for the party, right? I mean, other than something lame -- like they're terrified of airplanes or can't stand the weather in Seattle.


Well, based on Sean's dad's true feelings about Catherine, it sounds as though their absence from the party is nothing to worry about at all.

Here's what Jay Lowe (snort) had to say about his daughter-in-law-to-be:

There is a lot of love for this girl. We have embraced her since the day we met her in Thailand. We would never snub her.

And supposedly there's going to be another party for the couple in Texas, which is why they didn't feel the need to go to the Seattle one. (Huh. Ok.)

As for rumors that Catherine "isn't Christian enough" for Sean's crew? Jay added:

She's one of the most devout Christians I've ever met. She and Sean go to Bible study every Tuesday and Wednesday, and they go to church every Sunday.

Bible study? For reals? Dang. She really is committed to honoring Sean's lifestyle, I guess.

Wow. Catherine is going to have some pretty amazing in-laws based on Jay's comments. (I hope she realizes how lucky she is.) I highly doubt he'd speak about her in such a positive way if the entire fam didn't really adore her. She can rest assured that when she becomes Mrs. Lowe, she'll be part of the family, not just some chick their son/brother married.

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But if for some reason one of Sean's family members doesn't show up at the wedding, she might want to think twice about reciting her vows. That bit about marrying the whole family when you get hitched kind of rings true, so it would be a real shame for her to wind up with anything less than people who accept her.

Do your in-laws make you feel like part of their family, or are you just their son's wife?


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