Miley Cyrus Steps Out Twice in Outfits That DON'T Make Us Cringe (PHOTOS)

miley cyrusPretty much every outfit (or non-outfit) Miley Cyrus has worn in the past, oh, I don't know, five months has made people say: Ohmahgah! What is that girl wearing?! But a few nights ago, things changed. For the better. On Tuesday, Miley wore not one, but two really cute, not super-revealing outfits. And I don't know about you guys, but I feel like that calls for a blog post.


Earlier on in the evening, at the Fashion Group International’s 30th Annual Night of Stars Event in New York City, Miley wore a gorgeous, green sequined Marc Jacobs gown that had a really low back (in a tasteful way). Her lips were glossed with a light pink color, and she managed to keep her tongue inside her mouth during her entire red carpet appearance. After the event, Miley hit up the town in a black romper, fishnet tights, and a plaid button-down shirt tied around her waist. It definitely wasn't an outfit for everyone, but I personally was a fan. Very '90s grunge/Courtney Love-ish. Also, let's get real here, it's way better than some of the other things Miley's left the house in recently.

miley cyrus

Is Miley turning over a new leaf? Who knows! If I were a betting woman, I'd have to say no. But for now I'm just going to sit back and enjoy these two outfits Miley's wearing. Because I have absolutely nothing better to do.

What do you think is Miley's craziest outfit to date?

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