Jenna Jameson's Cringeworthy Interview Looks Like a Downward Spiral (VIDEO)

Jenna JamesonI don't know what it is, exactly, but I've always had a fondness for porn star Jenna Jameson. I've never seen one of her adult films, but I find it impressive that she leveraged her erotic fame into a wildly successful second act, which has included her lucrative ClubJenna brand, a mainstream pop culture career that's included a ton of hosting gigs and guest-starring roles, and her best-selling 2004 autobiography.

Things haven't been so great for her in recent years, though: she's been embroiled in a super-nasty custody battle with her ex Tito Ortiz, she was arrested in 2012 and 2013, and she reportedly just lost her Hollywood Hills mansion to foreclosure. Worse, Jameson just appeared on Good Morning New York this Monday to promote her new erotic novel, and she was such a slurry mess during the interview, producers reportedly cut the live TV segment short to get her off the air.


You only have to watch the clip for a few seconds to see there's something not quite right with Jameson. Her appearance is a little rough, but I'd be willing to chalk that up to some ill-advised cosmetic treatments. Once she starts talking, though ... yikes.

Here's the clip:


That was awkward, wasn't it? I guess it's theoretically possible she was just tired or something, but, well, I seriously doubt it. Not only does her body language and mushy enunciation broadcast a lack of sobriety, her vague answers are so strange the show hosts don't even bother pursuing them. I'm just saying, this is not the statement of a woman in perfect control of what's coming out of her mouth:

Listen, whatever she [Lovelace] had to say I seem to think that it was bull. I made my whole entire life was taken care of and I made a lot of money.

The interview is disturbing on its own, but combined with her recent troubles, it definitely makes it seem like Jameson has been struggling lately. She got a DUI in May of 2012, and in April of 2013 she was arrested for battery after she assaulted her assistant with a brass knuckle iPhone case. Plus, when her then-boyfriend was arrested and charged with felony abuse against Jameson in 2010 after the pair had an argument, he accused her of being erratic and addicted to OxyContin. They haven't exactly made amends since: just last week, Jameson posted a series of Twitter rants against Ortiz.

Saddest of all, Jameson lost primary custody of her 4-year-old twin boys in April of this year. I can't imagine that appearances like this are going to help her get them back.

Whatever's going on with her, I hope she watches this video and thinks long and hard about what she's doing to herself. For a woman who's worked so hard for the life she made, it sure seems like she's in terrible danger of throwing it all away.

What do you think of this video? Do you think Jenna Jameson needs help?

Image via FoxNY

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