Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring Blinds Us With Its Brilliance

kim kardashian engagement ringYou guys, I'm kind of embarrassed about how excited I got when I heard that Kim and Kanye got engaged last night. WHY DO I CARE?!? I don't know! But now I want to spend a few minutes obsessing over Kim Kardashian's engagement ring because KIMYE ENGAGED OMGOMGOMG. I'ts a 15-carat diamond engagement rink designed by Lorraine Schwartz.

More about the ring in a sec here, but first first I just wanted to mention: The engagement ring Kim got from Kris Humphries, and which she just auctioned off for $620,000 was also designed by Lorraine Schwartz and featured a 16.21 carat rectangular cut center diamond with color with two 1.80 carat side diamonds. Kanye's ring may feature a slightly smaller stone, but you know what we women are always saying about size not mattering...


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I think Kanye's ring trumps Kris' ring on account of the flawless emerald-cut center diamond. I mean... look at that thing. Are you looking? LOOK AT IT!!!

kim kardashian engagement ring

Okay, it's not the clearest photo, but you get the idea. It's a big ol' damn block of ice on her finger. I am so not into diamonds (or jewelry, for that matter) but even I recognize that's a pretty effing spectacular piece of bling.

kim kardashian engagement ring

This is the photo Kim Instagrammed along with "Yes!" but she's taken it down since then... weird, Kim's trying to make a bid for privacy now that's she's engaged? What's up with that? Anyway, more about the ring: Kanye bougth it from Boucheron in Paris, apparently on the sly when he and Kim were there for the fashion shows. So... why the same ring designer? Isn't that weird? I would be, except it also happens to be Kim's favorite jeweler and designer. Kanye knows his woman, and that's a smart place for him to start.

What would your ultimate engagement ring look like?


Image via clydehairgod/Instagram

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