Simon Cowell's Marriage Decision Could Mean He's Not the Man We Thought

simon cowellSimon Cowell may be more of a family guy than any of us expected! The 54-year-old X Factor host has been receiving a fair amount of flack lately for getting his friend's wife, Lauren Silverman, pregnant -- the cad! But rumor has it Cowell plans to step up and "make an honest woman" (to borrow a phrase from, oh, I don't know, 1932) out of Silverman ASAP. That's right, Cowell reportedly plans to marry the soon-to-be mother of his child, "as quickly as possible!"

Well, how 'bout that?? The famously ornery bachelor is settling down! One has to wonder: What prompted the huge change? Gotta be the baby, right? Well ... partly, perhaps. But sources say there's more to it than that ...


Apparently Cowell's 87-year-old mom Julie has been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for her son to find the woman of his dreams, and Cowell really wants to make his elderly mother's wish come true. Says one "insider:"

"Simon’s mum has always dreamt of the day Simon settles down with one woman and he’s determined for her to be a big part of the day."

Awwww! For a gruff guy like Simon Cowell, that's actually pretty dang sweet, don't you think? Granted, the poor woman only had to wait until her 90th birthday (practically), but better late than never. At last, the daughter-in-law and grandchild she's always wanted! 

And who knows, maybe Cowell's been anxious to start a family all this time himself! It's not like he's going to go around talking about his dreams of being domesticated, not with that hardass reputation to keep up. Here's to a happy future for Cowell, Silverman, their new baby -- and of course, Cowell's mom. 

Do you think Simon Cowell will make a good husband and dad?


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