Haunted Doll Will Read Your Mind & Creep Into Your Dreams (VIDEO)

haunted dollHalloween is right around the corner, so it seems like an appropriate time to share with you the most DISTURBING VIDEO ON THE INTERNET. This clip is titled "The Haunted Doll," and unlike other creepy things you can sit back and watch, this one is interactive. You put your finger on the computer screen to follow the narrator's directions ... then reel back in horror at the mind-bending, inexplicable results. Are you prepared to face the haunted doll?


Got your index finger all primed and ready to go? Okay then. Just keep in mind that the doll wants to control your mind, and if you choose her -- which you WILL, for you have no choice -- she'll join you in your dreams tonight.

First things first: I absolutely promise this isn't one of those shitty trick scare videos where you have to stare at something and suddenly a ghost face pops up and screams. I hate those things. So don't worry about that, but maybe worry about how this doll knows what you're thinking.

Here's the clip:

You're totally making this face right now, aren't you?

Tragically for those of us who want to believe in freaky dolls who can control our actions via YouTube, the explanation for how this works is pretty simple:

No matter which directions you go, you're always going to land on that one bag. Probably you can express the doll trick in a simple formula, but since I have to mouth-breathe and use fingers whenever I calculate a 15 percent tip, you'll have to figure that one out on your own.

The Haunted Doll clip is shared by psychologist and author Richard Wiseman on his Quirkology channel, which is great fun. Check out his equally entertaining video called "10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win."


Image via YouTube

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