Crazy Bieber Fan Spends $100,000 On Plastic Surgery to Look Like Him (PHOTO)

bieberA 33-year-old crazed Bieber fan proudly admitted to spending $100,000 to try to look like his favorite guy. Yes, you read that correctly! $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber. That was his life savings, by the way, and he says he knows he still has more to do! Toby Sheldon is 33, lives in L.A., and has had multiple surgeries over the past five years to change his physical appearance to look like Justin. And you won't believe what he's had done!


Here is a partial list:

$8,000 for hair transplants — because his hair was thinning and we all know Bieber's blond locks are a key part of his look.

$21,000 to lower his hair line, close off his temples, and grow back his bangs.

$4,850 to lift his upper eyelids. Man, this all sounds so painful.

$30,000 for smile surgery! I am not joking. Smile surgery in order to make his bottom lip turn out and get the corners of his mouth to turn up — so his mouth has the look of always smiling.

Oh ... and there is more. But really, haven't you heard enough?

toby sheldon

Is he insane for spending $100,000 on transform himself into a Bieber look-a-like? Or ... to each their own?


Images via Imaginechina/Corbis; Gawker

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