Ellen DeGeneres Brings Guest to Tears With Most Amazing Surprise (VIDEO)

ellen degeneresA waitress from New Hampshire, named Sarah Hoidahl, saw two women that came in on her shift were struggling to figure out what they could order. Not because they were picky, but because they were members of the National Guard and had been furloughed because the government shutdown — and money was tight. So Hoidahl, a single mom to a 15-month-old baby boy, sent them a note and told them that she would pick up their bill for them. The women were so touched that they posted the note on the New Hampshire National Guard Facebook page and the image went viral. Next thing you know Ellen DeGeneres came knocking. She had Sarah on her show last week to tell her story, and then surprised her in the most amazing way!


Take a look and see for yourself:

$10,000! Amazing. But the really amazing thing here remains Sarah's initial gesture. Something so small that meant so much. Being willing to help someone else in their time of need. I mean ... if that doesn't inspire you to go out there and do something good for someone else today, I don't know what would.

Have you ever been touched in this way by a stranger? Or have you been in a position to help someone else? What's your story?



 Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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