NBC Cancels New Shows Without Even Giving Them a Chance

Effective immediately, NBC has canceled two shows that just premiered a few weeks ago. The cop drama with Blair Underwood, Ironside, and the comedy Welcome to the Family. Man that was fast. I hadn't even been able to watch my DVR'd version of either yet. Yikes ... maybe I am part of the problem. But really -- is it fair to cancel them after just three episodes? The shows barely had a chance to build up a following. For all we know Ironside could have been the next Breaking Bad.


The first few episodes of Breaking Bad ... meh ... not so great. But once you allowed the story to develop -- boom. You have Anthony Hopkins writing love letters about it and Emmys galore. Ah ... network television. This is where we are, I suppose.

So with those shows cancelled — bring on the replacements. The struggling (but loved) Community will take the 8 p.m. Thursday slot left open by Welcome and another cop drama, Chicago PD, will fill the Wednesday 10 p.m. slot. But none of that will happen until January. So be prepared for lots of SNL and Dateline specials.

What did you think of the shows that were cancelled? Did they deserve to be crushed after just three episodes?


Image via NBC

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