Kim Kardashian Is Banned From Any More Plastic Surgery by Her Very Smart Man

Kim KardashianFor months now, critics were wondering if Kim Kardashian would opt for some sort of plastic surgery after giving birth to her daughter North West. Although I wouldn't doubt that the new mom debated the option, it turns out the reason that she didn't go through with it may be her love for Kanye.

A source tells Perez Hilton that Kanye banned Kim from having plastic surgery. He really didn't want her to go through that kind of major surgery. Apparently, West got super emotional about the idea -- logical considering his mom died at just 58 years old after complications from breast-reduction and liposuction surgery.

It's true. Liposuction and other plastic, elective surgeries can be extremely dangerous, and that's something that a lot of women aren't really considering when choosing to go under the knife. Considering there are 100 deaths per 100,000 liposuction procedures (there are only 16 per 100,000 car accidents, for comparison) -- the danger is nothing to write off. 


Although I've never desired plastic surgery, I can imagine that it's easy to forget the risks of an intensive procedure when you have your eye on the prize. Like Kim Kardashian, women everywhere want to find ways to enhance their appearance. When it's a well-known fact that a few thousand dollars could do that, I can understand why some women choose this route to satisfaction.

But Kim, just like women everywhere, was able to get back to her pre-baby body and lose 70 pounds without going under the knife. I commend her for that, she clearly looks awesome. I'm sure it wasn't easy, all those bootcamp classes that helped her lose weight at such early morning hours. But when it comes down to it, getting up a little early to stay safe and be there for your family ... that's a sacrifice that will always mean something to the man she loves and her growing daughter.

Have you ever had plastic surgery? Did you consider the risks before going under the knife?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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