Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes' Ex Are Besties & Some People Don't Like It

brandi glanville It seems like it happened out of nowhere, but Brandi Glanville and Dean Sheremet (LeAnn Rimes' ex) have apparently been secret besties for a while now. And, for whatever reason, some of Brandi's Twitter followers are none too pleased with the platonic (as far as we know) relationship. After Brandi tweeted, "@DeanSheremet is going to help me get my [baking] measurements right" -- and after Dean, who's a chef, responded with, "trust your tastebuds ;)" -- fans started asking The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star if the friendship between the two was good for her kids. To which I say, "Um, the father of her kids ran off with another woman and then married her! If anything's not good for the kids, it's that!"


Never one to back down from a Twitter controversy, Brandi wrote back to fans, "I'm sorry if it bothers some of u that I am friends with Dean but we have remained in touch over the years. He is in LA 4 work" after all hell broke loose. And I've gotta say -- totally siding with Brandi on this one. How could anyone possibly see anything wrong with this?

I don't claim to be the President of the Brandi Glanville fan club (I'm Treasurer), but I really see nothing wrong with Brandi and Dean being friends. Hell, if they want to date, they should be allowed to. Their spouses both cheated on them and ran off with one another. Why should anyone raise an eyebrow if they're friends? And on an unrelated note, why should LeAnn care if Dean wants to share his side of the story now? Again, he's the one who was cheated on.

Do I think Brandi and Dean are, like, actual friends? No, not really. Do I think they like communicating on Twitter to get a rise out of LeAnn? Yes, of course. But if this is the small satisfaction they get after being publicly humiliated and emotionally scarred, so be it.

What do you think of Brandi and Dean's friendship?


Image via Jenna Blake/Corbis

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