Robert Pattinson Kills Rumors That He's the Next Christian Grey

robert pattinsonAt this point in the hot mess that is Fifty Shades of Grey's casting of Christian Grey, everyone has a theory as to who the frontrunner, dark horse, or "we knew it all along!" pick will be. While Luke Bracey and Jamie Dornan seem to be rising to the top of all short lists, some fans are still holding out hope that E.L. James will get her way, and Robert Pattinson will swoop in to save the day!

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Team RPattz, but E! News recently addressed rumors flying that Rob might actually be in the running at this point and their insider said it's nevah gonna happen ... 


According to the source, Rob has been telling friends he's NOT up for the role ... although -- silver lining? -- he wasn't completely opposed. "Of course it would have been something he wouldn't mind doing, but he was never gunning for the role in the first place," the source explained. Makes sense.

Plus, why would he bother when there are two obvious factors at play working against his casting? E! points out that neither the schedule nor the salary is appealing to Rob. Remember how Charlie Hunnam was reportedly going to be paid a measly $125K for the gig? Um. Can you really see Edward Cullen being okay with a pay day like that?!

"Rob was never going to take a significant pay cut to play the role," the source points out. And even if Rob and the studio could've reached an agreement on moolah, he's currently busy prepping for Mission: Blacklist.

Not to mention -- and this is my own personal speculation, of course -- I'm sure he realizes it would just be weird! E.L. James was right the first time she was asked about him as a possibility and blew off the idea. Sure, he's the guy who inspired Christian ... as Edward Cullen ... but to end up playing Christian would be too much. Just, no.

And even if fans were on-board with it, how 'bout Summit or Stephenie Meyer? The franchise may have come to an end, but I'm sure they still have some kind of slight influence on Rob's career choices, and I can't see them being down with Rob as Christian Grey. Oh well!

It's better that the character be portrayed by a different actor anyway. If the film has any hope at success -- especially after all of this bad press before shooting even begins! -- they're gonna need their own leading man, not a recycled one.

Are you disappointed that Rob's not in the running or do you agree it would be weird to see him as Christian?


Image via © Hubert Boesl/dpa/Corbis

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