Kate Middleton's Post-Baby Body Can't Possibly Get Any Better (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton

We already knew she shed her baby weight in, like, one day, but wait until you see this photo of Kate Middleton's insanely flat stomach. It's so incredible, it's nearly impossible to believe she was ever pregnant at all -- let alone that she had Prince George just three months ago! (WTF?)

The new shots of her were taken while she was playing volleyball (in wedge heels) for a SportsAide Athlete Workshop in London. When her shirt came up a little bit when she went to hit the ball, her picture perfect bod was really put on display.

I mean, plenty of celebrity moms have slimmed down in record time after welcoming their little ones into the world. But Kate definitely takes the cake as the most mind-blowing famous postpartum figure we've ever seen and probably ever will see.


There seriously isn't one ounce of fat, cellulite, whatever on her -- to the point where I'm not sure whether to seethe with jealousy, weep over the fact that I'll never look that good, or hide in the closet with a bag of chocolate chip cookies in an effort to console myself. (I think I'll just cry. Makes the most sense.)

But you know what the worst part is? Kate is so damn loveable, it's impossible to hate her for having the most enviable new mom figure that has ever existed. Maybe it's because she's a princess? You know, because princesses are supposed to be like something out of the pages of a fairy tale. It's only fitting for her to look this ridiculously good so soon after giving birth -- otherwise it would ruin our fantasy or something.

Whatever the case, in my next life, I'm coming back as Kate Middleton for a whole host of reasons -- including knowing what it's like to have the body of a goddess after carrying and pushing out a human being.

Are you shocked at how amazing Kate looks so soon after giving birth?


Image via Splash

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