Katy Perry's Rumored Engagement Means She Didn't Learn Her Lesson the First Time

Katy PerryAre Katy Perry and John Mayer close to tying the knot? Rumors are running rampant that their engagement is imminent. Sheesh, it wasn't that long ago that the pair took a three-month "break" and since then both have been busy recording and touring -- seriously, how much time could they have spent together to warrant getting married? And we all know how Katy's last marriage -- to Russell Brand -- went. And we all know how ALL of John's relationships prior to Katy have gone. So does this sound like the dumbest idea ever or I am just a love scrooge?


A source told US Weekly about their so-called engagement:

Everyone knows it's just a question of when John will propose.

Keep in mind, this was actually (supposedly) coming from one of John's friends, not Katy's. Which means it could be for real!

At any rate, the romance seems to be going strong right now, with a source saying that the couple were "beyond affectionate and adorable" at a recent party, and Katy tweeting to John:

Soooooo, they're getting along at least. But, Katy, darlin', it also wasn't that long ago that you described John as a "broken bird" and wondered why you kept falling for douchebags men like him. Sounds like Katy didn't get much therapy either after her divorce or during her break from John. Katy still thinks marriage will change a guy.

Biggest. Lie. EVER.

Ladies, don't believe it. You can't change anyone. People can hardly change themselves. John is the guy who has cut a swathe through a bevy of Hollywood lovelies -- including Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Minka Kelly -- all of whom aren't exactly good pals with him now! Maybe John learned his lesson about calling his exes "sexual napalm" (that would be Jessica Simpson), but has he truly changed? I have my doubts, especially considering that Katy was left brokenhearted after their first break.

I used to be a big believer in giving guys second (and sometimes third) chances, but life has proven me wrong on that one. At the very least, if a guy is going to change, he'll be more likely to do it without you in the picture. If you're there, it's probably just a lot of talk to keep you hooked.

Of course, Katy isn't going to listen to me, and if she wants to marry John, she will. I just hope she gets a prenup.

Do you think these two should get married?

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