'Game of Thrones' Bad Lip Reading Just Won the Internet (VIDEO)

Games of Thrones Bad Lip ReadingPencils down, Internet: there is a Game of Thrones Bad Lip Reading video. REPEAT: there is a Game of Thrones Bad Lip Reading video, and it's exactly as awesome as you might imagine it would be.

In fact, it's even better. While most Bad Lip Reading clips dub over movie and TV show dialogue with hilarious mistranslations, this one takes things a step further by somehow shaping the nonsensical results into a satirical trailer for a wacky theme-park comedy they've titled "Medieval Fun-Time World." I honestly did not think the Bad Lip Reading folks could possibly outdo themselves after their take on the NFL ("An orange peanut? For me?"), but you guys, they TOTALLY DID.


Here's the description accompanying the video:

Theme park manager Eddie Stark has one week to whip his lackluster group of employees into shape before the park's grand opening.

And here's the video itself:

Oh my god, so great. Varys's massage offer. Tyrion air-jamming then singing about Darth Vader. Pycelle ripping the endless fart and briefly ending it with "jazz hand!" Plus too many hysterical quotes to mention, although I do have some favorites:

"Powdered sugahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Hey girl, how you been? FACE LICK! Ooh girl you taste real good."

"I eat shrimps."

"Hey. Let's dance. To music. Do-do-ch-ch-ch-ch. That's my jam, Holmes."

"Do you trust toothpaste? Go have your butt checked."

"Today I had a cheesesteak, then I got a Walkman."
"Like a fancy Walkman?"
"Kind of."


"Now I ask you a question, you think they should make iPhones for babies 'cause I DO."

Bad Lip Reading has definitely taken things to a new level. Even the final title is clever: Winter is com ... coming this winter. Bravo, anonymous individual in the music production business. BRAVO.

What do you think, is this the best BLR to date? Or do you still have a soft spot for the Twilight version?

Image via YouTube

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