Robert Pattinson Goes on Rumored 'Cocaine Bender' But We Have Our Doubts

Robert PattinsonWhat I'm about to tell you, I say with much skepticism: Allegedly Robert Pattinson went on a cocaine bender in Los Angeles last month. According to Star, the Twilight actor was spotted snorting bumps of cocaine at hot spots Chateau Marmont and a VIP area of the Viper Room club. The magazine's insider said that Rob even continued using the drug back at his own home, that he was "craving more and wanted the party to continue."

OK so cue my doubts about all of this ... now. I mean yes, the actor has been going through a whole lot in the past year with the whole breakup with Kristen Stewart. Now as rumors of him dating Dylan Penn run rampant, the press is following his every move, as if they're just waiting for him to mess up, crack. But Rob using drugs? COCAINE? I just don't believe it.

Here, let's talk details some more ...


First of all, the magazine's source just happened to witness Rob allegedly snorting the white powder in all three of these locations, which is weird. I mean -- I highly doubt that one of Rob's good friends would spill something like this to a tabloid, and his good friends are most likely the only people whom he would head to all three spots with.

Other doubting factors on this story? The fact that there are A) no photos of all this happening and B) that the report is coming from Star magazine. No offense, but this is the same publication that said Rob was super depressed still about the Kristen Stewart breakup back in June and that Kristen Stewart and Patrick Schwarzenegger were getting cozy at Taylor Lautner's birthday party (yeah, OK).

So then, I'm going to mark this rumor off as false -- for the sake of Robert Pattinson's credibility (and the mental stability of his fan base). Stop pickin' on RPattz, ya'll.

Do you think Rob would use cocaine??


Image via Jonathan Short/Corbis

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