Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Chemistry Is Making It Impossible to Call It Quits

robert pattinson kristen stewartAlthough all signs have pointed to Robert Pattinson starting anew with rumored GF Dylan Penn, there still may be a chance he's not completely over Kristen Stewart. And no matter how much either one of them tries to move on, the chemistry the two share may be unparalleled. At least according to Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, who recently revealed in a new interview with Elle that the two had off-the-charts chemistry from the start.

She told the magazine that after Rob "flew out on his own dime and stayed on his agent's couch" to be considered for the role of Edward Cullen, he and Kristen went over to Catherine's house to workshop "all the 'chemistry' scenes." According to the director, "it was apparent that those two just connected and had a magnetism for each other that was electric, right there on the spot."



But sure, that was quite a few years ago now. Sparks fade, people change, etc. Well, not necessarily ...

A friend of Rob's told, "Rob is clearly not over Kristen. When he saw a recent photograph of Kristen, he smiled and said she was wearing his baseball hat. It’s just so obvious. He will ask about her, but really nonchalantly because he doesn’t want anyone to know he still has strong feelings for her. Rob still loves Kristen."

Oh man! I go back and forth on whether or not I think these troubled lovebirds should get back together AGAIN or call it quits for good, but this makes me want to see them give it one more try. It's possible they could have really been one another's first, true loves, and what's more, Rob is STILL carrying a torch for Kristen ... If that's the case, how's he ever really going to move on? Should he?

What do you think -- do you think Robsten deserves another go?

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