Kim Kardashian Posts Her Raciest, Most Revealing Picture Ever (PHOTO)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian looks good for having just given birth. Hell, she looks good for never having given birth. But we get it already, Kim. Your famous curves are back. We know. In fact, it's impossible to not know Kim's back in fighting shape after she posted a photo of essentially her bare a** and breasts to her millions of followers on Instagram. She looks unbelievable, but ... was this really necessary?

Check out the NSFWish pic:



kim kardashian

Damn. There's no denying the woman looks good -- especially since there's #nofilter. But I think this is a little much for anyone, never mind a new mom, to post online. Kim's not exactly known as Conservative Cathy, but Christ, I felt a little uncomfy looking at this photo at work. And is this a swimsuit she would actually wear? Like to the beach or when she takes Nori to the public pool next summer? If so, she ought to think about investing in a caftan or cover-up of some sort. She pretty much is relegated to ... standing ... in this thing.

In other news, after Kim posted the hot pic, her baby daddy Kanye West regrammed it along with his own caption that read: "HEADING HOME NOW." Cute. But ... don't they still live with Kim's mom? Nothing quite like Kris Jenner reading that her daughter is about to get it on down the hall from her. Those Kardashians. They really are as close as it gets.

Lookin' good, Kim, but I don't know. Might want to think about toning down the crazy revealing getups you've been sporting lately. Don't worry. We'll all still think you're pretty.

What do you think of Kim's bathing suit shot?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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