Kristen Stewart's $1.75 Million Childhood Home Is Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

kristen stewart childhood home

I guess I never really thought much about her background, but after hearing that Kristen Stewart's childhood home is up for sale, it's clear that she doesn't have a classic rags to riches Hollywood story. Far from it, in fact.

The home KStew grew up in is located in the Hollywood Hills. If you have a cool $1.75 million lying around, it can be yours. You can rest your head in the same place she did as a young girl and even swim in her swanky backyard swimming pool.

Did I mention that the entire pad has an Alice in Wonderland theme going on?

Yes, I'm serious.


Out by the pool there's a lush green lawn complete with an oversized chess board. There's also a painting of the white rabbit on one of the outside walls. Another part of the home is adorned with quotes from the movie, along with those weird, walking card shaped people.

Whoever picks up this place definitely needs to have an open mind when it comes to the decor, though I guess a few cans of paint can take care of things if they would prefer a more traditional look.

Back to KStew growing up there -- no wonder she didn't have a tough time breaking into showbiz at an early age. She was residing smack dab in the middle of all the action.

Wait -- I have an idea. Now that Kristen is a single woman, this home would be absolutely perfect for her. She should seriously considering ditching her Los Feliz pad and purchasing this place to move back into. It would be like coming full circle or something -- though I'm guessing she'd probably have to spruce the place up a bit to give it more of a modern vibe.

Oh! And doesn't Rob have a house somewhere in and around the Hollywood Hills too? If Kristen moves back "home," odds are good she'll bump into him in the produce section at their local Whole Foods. Then they can rekindle the flame and live happily ever after in their very own version of Alice in Wonderland.

I think I'm getting a little too carried away here.

What do you think of Kristen's childhood home?


Image via MLS

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