Lea Michele's New 'Love' Couldn't Have Come at a Better Time

Lea MicheleSince the tragic death of her boyfriend, Cory Monteith, Lea Michele has shown astonishing character. She filmed a Cory tribute episode must have taken every molecule of strength to get through, all because she knew that Cory and the fans deserved a proper goodbye. She is recording and has a book coming out. While it would have been perfectly understandable if she'd put her entire life on hold and grieved, she is choosing to grieve in ways that allow the fans to get some closure too. But she's doing more. Much more. She recently decided to save a life. The life of a little rescue pooch, whom she named Pearl.


The dog was adopted and Lea tweeted about her new arrival:


Pearl couldn't be more adorable. But at 8 years old, she wouldn't have been the dog everyone was vying for. I think it shows how big Lea's heart is that she chose to adopt -- and an older dog at that.

But Lea has shown her soft side for animals before. Her two cats, Claude and Sheila, are also rescues. And for those of you wondering, don't worry, it seems like Pearl and her cat are getting on just fine:

I don't think the timing of her new family member is coincidental. She must be feeling a huge void in her heart with the passing of Cory. There is nothing to mend a devastated heart like helping, like saving a life.

A pet can see you through the worst of times with no judgements. A pet never gives up on you -- the way so many people give up on them.

Someone gave up on Pearl once, but it was fate, because now Pearl has an amazing home -- and is a celebrity to boot.

I'm not necessarily in favor of people running out to get an animal in order to fill an empty space in their lives -- they also have to realize that a pet is work, and financially and emotionally time-consuming. Also, a pet is no guarantee of curing heartbreak. That is way too much pressure for a little animal.

But I have no doubt Lea rescued Pearl for the right reasons. And that the two will be there for each other for years to come.

Have you ever adopted a rescue animal?

Images via Ms Lea Michele/Instagram

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