Erin Andrews Can't Be Blamed for Her Bieber Fever (VIDEO)

Can anyone blame sports reporter Erin Andrews for having Bieber fever, particularly after his manly move of being carried up the Great Wall of China by members of his entourage? As the ESPN sportscaster interviewed Boston Red Sox player Mike Napoli, she made the grave error of asking him a question about the Tigers' Justin Verlander, only she mistakenly called him "Justin Bieber" before quickly correcting herself. Everyone got super excited over this mild blunder because, obviously, it must mean she totally has a thing for Biebs. I mean, why wouldn't a 35-year-old, professionally established, and well known beauty like Erin want to date a 19-year-old who skateboards? 


To her credit, Erin is handling the silly attention with a great big dose of humor. She has taken to Twitter to post the following: "My lord..people are unreal" and "If u really think I have Bieber on my mind, then u are soooooo right "

I can't tell you how many times I've referred to a certain Justin I know as "Justin Bieber." And trust me when I say, if I spend 30 seconds in an entire year thinking about the teen pop star, it's a lot. So Bieber is definitely not on my brain. But let's face it, he's the most popular Justin in the world right now, for better or worse. He's the Miley of Justins (because we know there is no other Miley, right?) and Erin's mistake is completely understandable.

So no, Erin is not into Justin B. The only thing she is guilty of is living in a world in which Biebs is so much a household name that he's ruined the good name of Justin for an eternity -- or for at least another five years until he, with hope, finds himself and moves to a deserted island to meditate for the rest of his days. 

Do you think Erin has a thing for Bieber or can you relate to her mistake?


Image via Erin Andrews/Instagram

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