Ashton Kutcher Tops List of Highest-Paid TV Actors & Here's How We Feel in GIF Form

Ashton KutcherYou guys, I cannot deal with this news: Ashton Kutcher is television's highest paid actor. Yes, AGAIN. Just like last year, he's at the tippy-top of Forbes’ annual list of best-paid TV actors, thanks to his RIDICULOUSLY overpaid gig with Two and a Half Men. Kutcher earned an estimated $24 million between June 2012 and June 2013, and believe it or not, Jon Cryer is right behind him with $21 million.

I can't fault these guys for milking their crappy TV cash cow for as long as humanly possible, but it kind of makes me CRAZY that Ashton freaking Kutcher is making many more millions more than, say, Bryan Cranston. Or Aaron Paul. Or Jon Hamm or Kevin Spacey or Timothy Olyphant or Peter Dinklage or Kim Coates or Andrew Lincoln or … you get my point.

In fact, here's a visual rundown that FULLY expresses how I feel about Ashton Kutcher's befuddling industry status.


Wait, WHO's at the top of the list?


For WHAT show?

I can't even.

He's making how much, again?

Holy shit. Twenty-four MILLION.

I … this doesn't make me feel good inside.

It just really seems like other actors are much more talented and deserving.

But hey. Good for you, Ashton. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Are you still watching Two and a Half Men? Do you think Ashton's worth this kind of cash?

Image via Flickr/jdlasica


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