Khloe Kardashian's Attempt at Looking 'Unpretty' Is a Total Fail (PHOTO)

khloe kardashianYou've inevitably heard of "Throwback Thursday," but have you heard of "Unpretty Monday"? It's a new campaign headed up by TLC -- the R&B group, not the TV channel -- encouraging people to post "unpretty" pics that prove "beauty comes from within." Lots of people are on-board already ... including Khloe Kardashian, who posted her very own "unpretty" selfie on Twitter with the caption, "I love what @OfficialTLC is doing! Beauty comes from within! Share your pics - here's mine!"

Aaaand ... of course she's anything but unpretty in the pic! Looks like all she did was throw on some goofy glasses and pull her hair up to "unpretty" herself. What a joke! 


While calling yourself unpretty when you're clearly not and are blatantly fishing for compliments is lame and insecure -- traits which are the definition of unpretty! -- Khloe's not the only one to blame. The whole original idea of posting a stereotypically "unpretty" photo to social media to change our twisted beauty standards is silly in itself.

I get that TLC's song is called "Unpretty," but they could've come up with a smarter, actually effective way of showcasing inner, non-superficial beauty. Like asking that people post a pic of something that makes them beautiful that actually DOES come from within -- something that has nothing to do with their face. Like a photo of them playing the piano, writing a novel, researching cures for cancer, taking a hardcore spinning class, etc.!

But no. Now we're just looking at pics of people like Khloe claiming to be "unpretty" when they're really just wearing little to no makeup and using filters on Instagram and hoping to get lots of likes and "OMG, no, you are TOTALLY pretty!" comments. Grrreat. Cuz that's definitely going to drive home the message that beauty isn't skin deep.

What do you think about this campaign and Khloe's post?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Twitter

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