Brad Pitt's Stuntman Stabbed by Bayonet But These On Set Accidents Were Worse

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I guess injuries sort of come with the territory when you sign up to be a stuntman, but getting stabbed with a bayonet? That's exactly what just happened to a 35-year-old British stuntman working on the Brad Pitt World War II movie, Fury. While he's reportedly in stable condition, the shoulder wound was serious enough for the man to be airlifted from the film’s set in the British countryside to a nearby hospital. 

Yowch! Bet that guy's wishing he went into investment banking right about now. Still, as far as on set accidents go, a bayonet to the shoulder ain't so bad -- especially not compared to these 5 famous film stunts gone horrifically wrong.

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  • Top Gun


    Newsflash: Tom Cruise isn't actually a fighter pilot. That's why famed aerobatic pilot Art Scholl was called in to do the in-flight camera work for the "flat spin" scene; tragically, the 53-year-old's plane malfunctioned and he crashed into the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast. The plane was never found.

  • Twilight Zone: The Movie


    One of the most horrific movie accidents ever, actor Vic Morrow and two child actors were killed while filming a scene involving a hellcopter, which was flying too low to avoid set pyrotechnics on set. The explosions made the helicopter's tail rotor, which spun out of control and decapitated Morrow and one of the children with its blades. The other child was crushed when the helicopter crashed. 

  • The Crow


    Twenty-eight-year-old Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, died while filming The Crow from a gunshot wound; the crew thought the prop gun being used in the scene was unloaded.

  • XXX


    Vin Diesel's stunt double, Harry L. O'Connor, was killed while filming a scene when he didn't rappel down a line fast enough and hit a bridge. 

  • Troy


    Does Brad Pitt have bad on set accdent luck? Bodybuilder George Camilleri broke his leg while filming an action sequence for his movie Troy and was operated on the next day; sadly, he died from complications two weeks later.

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