Nina Dobrev & Derek Hough's Inevitable Breakup Has Already Happened

Derek Hough & Nina Dobrev

Wow. That was fast. After a mere six weeks of dating, Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough have split -- something that should surprise exactly no one.

And wait until you hear the reason behind their decision to call it quits before the relationship even had a chance to get started. Since Derek is all tied up with Dancing With the Stars in L.A. and Nina is currently in Georgia filming The Vampire Diaries, "the distance was too much to handle."

Huh. Seriously? Whatever happened to absence making the heart grow fonder, especially at the beginning of a romance when two people can't get enough of each other?


But whatever -- it's not like anyone really expected this relationship to go anywhere, given both of their dating backgrounds.

First of all, Derek was basically just a rebound dude for Nina after her breakup with Ian Somerhalder, whom she dated for three years. I highly doubt she was looking for anything super serious, so it was only a matter of time before things with Hough fizzled out. (But it probably should've lasted a little longer than six weeks.)

And that brings us to Derek -- who has to be one of the biggest playboys in Hollywood. Oh come on, he's been spotted canoodling with plenty of different women over the past couple of years. It's not like he's in a huge hurry to settle down and have a serious girlfriend. (Shannon Elizabeth really did him in.)

Sigh. I guess it would've been nice to see these two fall hard for each other, especially since Nina is BFFs with Derek's sister, Julianne Hough. But then again, maybe it's best that things ended as quickly and painlessly as they did -- otherwise Nina could've wound up losing a friend and a boyfriend, which would've totally sucked.

Are you surprised that Nina and Derek are over?


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