Kim Kardashian & Kanye West May Be Starring in Their Own Spinoff Show

kim kardashianA new rumor making the rounds is claiming that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may get a spinoff reality show. Because if there's one thing E! is woefully understocked with, it's Kardashian material. When asked about the hearsay, producers at E! only stated that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is currently airing their eighth season, and production for the ninth season is underway.

Hmph. I thought for sure this was nothing but a rumor, but with an answer like that, sounds like Keeping Up With Kim and Kanye could actually be a possibility.


Then again, E! could just be intentionally acting cagey because they want people to believe this cinematic masterpiece may come to fruition. I really can't see Kanye starring in his own reality show. Making pouty-pants appearances here and there on his baby mama's show, sure. But a full-blown show of his own sounds coconuts. That's not the Kanye we know and love/hate.

Even though I think the last thing this world needs is another mindless reality show starring anyone from the Kardashian clan (literally, the last thing), I can't even try to act like I wouldn't check out a Kim and Kanye spin-off at least once. Or thrice. But I swear only because I want to see that little cutie, North.

Okay, and you got me. Also, to see what Kim's wearing. What can I say, I'm a kreature of habit.

Do you think Kanye West would ever star in a reality show?


Image via Zacharie Scheurer/Corbis

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