Kim Kardashian's Diet Secret Is Only a Temporary Fix (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianHave you noticed how every time we see a new photo of Kim Kardashian, she appears to be shrinking right before our eyes? Yes, I know she's in the midst of trying to shed her baby weight and all -- but the pounds seem to be coming off in record time, making all of us wonder what she's doing to slim down.

And now her weight loss method isn't a mystery anymore. She let the cat out of the bag on Twitter and revealed the "secret" plan she's been using to get back to her famous pre-baby shape.


To beat the battle of the post-pregnancy bulge, Kim is following the Atkins diet, which basically consists of shunning carbs and sticking to things like meat and cheese to trick the body into burning fat.

And it works. It really does -- and I'm not just saying that because Kim is dropping pounds so quickly. I've done the Atkins plan a few times over the course of my adult life too, and without a doubt, it worked much more rapidly than other things I've tried. And one of the coolest parts is that (at least when I did it) you can pretty much eat as much as you want as long as you don't chow down on carbs, and the weight still magically falls right off.

Heck, I can remember this one time, I did it for a month or two before taking a cruise, and I swear I lost like 18 pounds.

And here's where the problem with the Atkins diet comes in. The minute I ate the slightest hint of a carb again, even a saltine cracker, the pounds piled right back on in minutes. I blew up like a damn balloon, and after that cruise? I'd gained back all 18 of those pounds plus a couple more. (After a week -- no joke!)

Hopefully Kim realizes that restricting certain food groups will probably only work as a temporary solution. In the long run, adopting a plan that incorporates a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regime will be more effective in helping her maintain her weight.

But I guess for the time being, no one can really blame her for seeking a quick fix -- especially when she's clearly seeing some amazing results. There's nothing more satisfying than zipping up your favorite pair of pre-baby skinny jeans, so I totally understand why she's drinking the Atkins Kool-Aid right about now. 

(Too bad the stuff definitely seems to have a shelf life.)

Have you ever tried the Atkins diet? Did it work for you?


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