Catelynn Lowell Gets Sweetest Support From Tyler Baltierra During Her Crazy Diet

catelynn lowell
Stop being so cute, you two!
Are you sitting down? Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell has started a 10-day juice cleanse. I know, who cares about the government shutdown when this is happening in a corner of America (said the woman writing this story)? Lowell, who I think looks lovely as is, evidently invested in a juicer and will be liquefying all of her meals for the next week and a half. And, because he's a solid dude, instead of being all, "Ohmahgah!!! How could you go without pizza and fries for that long?!!!" her awesome fiance, Tyler Baltierra, posted the sweetest thing to Instagram. Ever. Seriously, a poll was conducted and this won Sweetest Instagram Post in the History of Hashtags.



After he uploaded a pic of a juicer and a bunch of green crap to his profile, Tyler wrote, "The journey begins! SO proud of @catelynnmtv for taking on the challenge of her first 10 day juicing fast! #stillinspiring #Stillbeautiful #Whatevermakesherhappy."

Awwwwww! You guys! Isn't that sweet? Even though Tyler doesn't sound like he's into juicing himself, it doesn't stop him from supporting his lovely lady. These two are too cute, I tell ya. Too cute for their own good.

Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens with Catelynn and her juice cleanse, but at least we know she's got the love and support of her man. That beats a giant plate of French fries any day of the week. Kind of. You go, Catelynn!

What do you think of Catelynn and Tyler?


Image via Catelynn Lowell/Instagram

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