Kate Middleton's Choice of Godparents Shows How Down to Earth She Really Is

Just when you thought Kate Middleton and Prince William couldn't do anything else to seem more like us, there they go again keeping their connections to the outside, non-royal world firmly intact. This time, they've done something completely unconventional by bypassing Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton, and quite a few other usual royal suspects to stand in as Prince George's godparents


Instead, Will and Kate have asked three old friends from childhood and their college days to do them the honor of serving as godparents for their tot. They are totally breaking from tradition by doing this, as no other members of the royal family have ever selected friends who didn't have royal ties. There's talk that the three friends make up just half of what will be George's six godparents, so it's still possible Harry and Pippa will make it to the final cut. But that doesn't make this latest decision of theirs any less impressive!

For anyone unfamiliar with the tradition of christenings and godparents, most parents who choose to baptize their babies take the selection of a godparent very seriously. A godparent is supposed to serve as a spiritual guide for a child, as well as a caretaker in the event that something happens to the child's parents. It's a huge responsibility, actually, and I'm a little surprised to see their old buddies chosen before family members. 

When we christened our baby girl, we never had a doubt that we'd ask my brother and my husband's sister to be her godparents. It just seemed like the right and respectful thing to do. But isn't it a given that your family will automatically take care of your children if something happens to you? Kate and Will might be on to something. It might make a lot more sense to choose friends, who can only enrich your child's life even more by offering a different perspective on the world -- one that, at least in the royal couple's case, is probably very different from their family's outlook. 

Do you think it's okay to ask friends to serve as godparents, or do you believe family members are more appropriate? 


Image via ticklish_moose/Flickr

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