Buckingham Palace Invaded -- Again!

buckingham palaceOnce upon a time, castle invasions used to involve a band of marauders armed with swords and torches. Now it's just some guy, and his sword is a lot smaller. Just before noon UK-time today, police arrested a man who tried to break into Buckingham Palace -- armed with a knife. Yikes! No one was hurt, thank goodness. The Queen wasn't at home, and Prince William, Kate, and the baby were nowhere near. But they visit all the time, and they could have been there.

Here's what we know so far, and it's not a whole lot: He's a 44-year-old man who tried to "dart" through the gates, which are used by pedestrians and vehicles. Police nabbed him immediately. When they searched the guy, they found a knife on him. He's being held at a London police station.


So that's kind of scary -- I'm glad they caught him quickly, unlike last time. Remember last month when two men broke into Buckingham Palace? They practically made off with the royal silverware before they were finally apprehended.

We don't know what this guy was after. But I was wondering ... what if he's just a line cook showing up for his first day on the job, and he accidentally went to the wrong entrance? And he ran because he was running late? Okay, it's an unlikely scenario. 

What's more likely is that he was just some mentally-ill person having a manic episode. I'm glad he didn't have a gun or a bomb on him, and I'm glad the police nabbed him right away before he had the chance to hurt anyone. We may never learn what his story was, but at least everyone else is fine.

Why do you think a man with a knife tried to break into Buckingham Palace?


Image via jimmyharris/Flickr

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