Robert Pattinson Says He Doesn't Have Friends for 1 Reason

robert pattinsonWell shoot, guess who got custody of all the friends when Robsten was split asunder? Kristen Stewart did. Robert Pattinson says he's been hanging out by his lonesome since breaking up with Kristen, or so he claims. "I'll disappoint you," he said in an interview, "but 9 out of 10 times I just lay on the sofa, reading scripts or browsing IMBD in development section. Then I email my agent, asking him what does he think about it." Rob says it's hard to make new friends in Hollywood.

Um, whatever Rob. There's loads of photographic evidence to the contrary. Seems like you have no problem making new friends of the female variety. But if you say so!


When I got to the U.S. for Twilight, I only knew people who gave me a ride since I couldn’t drive. They’re my oldest friends. Fame is a fight to survive! Some people can’t take it and freak out, but I can understand that. With paps hiding everywhere, it’s really difficult to meet new people and have new experiences.

Poor Rob. Fame is a fight to survive -- in his case, I believe it. So how's he managing all these hookups? I mean, he met these ladies somehow ...

I wonder if Rob employs a matchmaker! It's not like he can do Internet dating. "Huge movie star looking for less-famous female for short-term dating and fun times. Must like Arctic Monkeys and vaguely resemble Kristen Stewart. Twilight fans need not apply." So not happening.

But the professional matchmaker, now that would be a fun job. Who wouldn't want to set Rob up with yourself other women? You could get the inside scoop on what he's looking for. Oh wait -- but we're talking about friends friends, not friends-with-benefits. And that sounds like an even harder order to fill than a girlfriend, you know? Wish we could help you out, Rob. If you're looking for a posse, we're a pretty fun bunch here at The Stir. Give us a call!

Do you believe that it's hard for Rob to make new friends?

Image via Joerg Carstensen/dpa/Corbis

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