Robin Thicke Reveals Who the Good Girl in 'Blurred Lines' Is -- How Sweet?

Remember when you dated that hot musician guy and you were always reading into his songs, wondering what his lyrics really meant and whether any of them were about you? And then you found out the loveliest of songs was about his dead dog. Well, imagine how Paula Patton felt when hubby Robin Thicke played "Blurred Lines" for her for the first time and revealed what we all now wish we didn't know: that the insanely catchy, sexy, sort of rapey song is about her! What's the proper wife reaction? Um ... thanks ... I guess? 


According to Robin, the tune that made him an overnight sensation but caused controversy among more conservative music fans isn't really derogatory at all. He says it's a harmless song that he penned for his wife of 20 years, whom he says is the "good girl" he sings about. Even Robin's dad, actor Alan Thicke, has come out to defend the song, saying it encourages women to be more liberated and that it's no racier than anything else he's heard. I agree with that last point, at least. 

But I'm not sure how I'd feel if my husband was like, hey, you were totally on my mind when I wrote, "You the hottest b**ch in this place" or "I'll give you something big enough to tear your a** in two." Okay, technically, that last sweet lyric wasn't Robin's, it belonged to T.I., but still. Just one more thing I'll have to explain to my mom. Or our kids -- yikes!

By now I think we can all give Paula credit where it's due. She seems to be the coolest wife on earth -- one who is neither fazed by the on-stage harassment her husband faced at the big foam hand of Miley nor at the cheating accusations that followed. She's confident and savvy and probably more chuffed that "Blurred Lines" made her hubby a superstar rather than concerned about its lyrics. 

And it is a pretty damn memorable song. 

How do you think Paula reacted when she learned "Blurred Lines" was about her? 


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