Kris Jenner's Sister Makes Some Seriously Nasty Accusations About Her

kris jennerKris Jenner's sister Karen Houghton just gave a scathing interview on the momager in the wake of her split with Bruce Jenner, and shockingly, Houghton completely sided with Bruce. Thanks, sis! Houghton told Star magazine that Kris "has admitted to cheating" on Bruce, adding that Bruce is "the nicest guy" and Kris has a "hole in her." She also said, if Bruce and Kris do wind up getting divorced, "I guarantee you, Kris will find someone in two days. I promise!"

I mean, I don't think anyone is exactly shocked by allegations of Kris being unfaithful to Bruce, being that A) she cheated on Robert Kardashian, and B) she met with Todd Waterman, the man she cheated on Robert Kardashian with, behind Bruce's back on TV. But damn. Exactly how awful is Kris if her own sister is saying this to the media?


I'm sure on some level Karen is just out for her 15 minutes of fame, but it's hard not to believe the ol' where there's smoke, there's fire adage in a situation like this. Kris doesn't exactly have the best track record or a reputation as being a doting wife to Bruce. The poor man was oft relegated to a closet in the giant mansion they shared, and when his kids tried to gift him with a putting green in the backyard, Kris almost had his head. And then there was the time Bruce asked Kris to visit his aging mother in the middle of nowhere with him -- she wouldn't even entertain the idea! From what we've seen on television, Kris was a pretty crappy partner to Bruce.

But. It is worth noting that, in her interview with Star, Karen says that she's sad that she and Kris really haven't spent any time together over the years, yet mysteriously, she knows everything that's going on with her sister. She claims that Kris is under extreme stress right now because of what's going on with Lamar and Khloe, adding, "And then you know, Kanye had moved in with Kim, so the house was kind of crazy, and I think there was too much on her plate. And then Bruce moved out ... I don’t think Kris knew how to handle it." Sure, at any given moment, the world knows what's going on with the Kardashians, but it is slightly unusual that the sister she never talks to knows this much. If they don't have much of a relationship, why would Karen pay attention to everything going on with Kris in the media?

Who knows? I don't think Karen is very far off with her accusations about her sister. But it's always a little suspect when a family member comes out of the woodwork to talk to Star magazine immediately after things go down.

Do you believe Kris' sister?


Image via Fairchild Photo Service/Condé Nast/Corbis

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