Justin Bieber Loses His Shirt in Nightclub 'Fight' (VIDEO)

Shirtless Justin BieberConsider this number 458 on the long list of reasons Selena Gomez should NOT take Justin Bieber back. The floppy haired singer has gotten himself in a pickle at a South Korean nightclub, and from the sounds of it, he acted like a real jerk. The Biebs is on an Asian tour at the moment, but he wasn't centerstage when the alleged fight went down.

At least ... he wasn't SUPPOSED to be.


From the way TMZ tells it, a DJ named Michael Woods claims he was getting the party started when Justin Bieber pushed his way into the DJ booth and demanded he start playing some hip hop. When Woods said he was calling the musical shots, the Biebs allegedly decked Wood's manager!

Not cool!

It's all a he said, he said, with a rep from the club saying nobody punched anyone, but the video of Bieber in the DJ booth shows at least one mistake was made: the Biebs apparently misplaced his shirt:

What is up with the Biebs these days? Is he ever going to return to that sweet little boy or are those days long gone?


Image via Instagram

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