Lea Michele Rebound Rumors Couldn't Come at a Better Time

Lea MicheleGlee fans are still collecting the crumpled tissues from Thursday night's emotional Cory Monteith tribute, but it seems his girlfriend and co-star Lea Michele might have finally found a way to move on from his tragic death. Rumor has it Lea is on the rebound!

She even has her eye on a "cute guy." Folks! Could it be?


There's no name attached to the aforementioned guy -- this was simply an "insider" claiming that the Glee star "was excited [the cute guy] was coming" to a party.

Not a lot to go on, y'all. They're not even saying she's dating, just NOTICING guys again.

So it could be true or it could be someone just angling for some money out of a magazine. You decide where you want to be, but I'm decidely Team I Hope It's True.

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Am I sad Cory is gone? YES. We all are!

But Lea Michele is a 27-year-old woman with her whole life ahead of her. Her boyfriend died, tragically, back in July, but she didn't. Lea has the right to move on at some point, the right to find some happiness. Even if she's not dating right now, one day she will be, and Glee fans should be happy for her.

Watching her grieve so publicly in the Farewell to Finn episode was heartwrenching and so real, but she can't grieve forever.

Are you happy for Lea or do you think it's too soon?


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