LeAnn Rimes Should Be Ashamed of the Way She Revealed Infidelity to Her Ex-Husband

leann and eddieSince news first broke about LeAnn Rimes' affair with Eddie Cibrian, we have heard plenty about how Brandi Glanville felt about their scandalous romance. She has played the angry, bitter, jilted ex better than any celebrity we've ever seen. Through all her outbursts, books, and tweets on the issue, it's easy to forget there was another devastated spouse in all of this. That would be Rimes' ex-hubby Dean Sheremet, of course. Now, it seems, he is finally opening up about her cheating and the devastating way he found out.


Dean has been suffering in silence for years. And unlike Brandi, he never suspected that something was going on. He now admits to Access Hollywood that he was completely blindsided. When the rumors started in 2009, LeAnn called him up to tell him that a magazine "may or may not have a picture of me and Eddie kissing." What a thing to hear from your wife, right? Needless to say, Dean was completely thrown by the comment and asked, "What do you mean, 'may or may not have a picture'?" Fair question. What a terrible way to tell your husband that you've cheated and the whole world will soon know.

Like many married people, he was under the assumption that his wife was faithful and would never hurt him in that way. When something like this happens, it's so easy to focus on the heartbroken wife. We spent so much time thinking about how this all affected Brandi, namely because she is so damn vocal about it. But this is proof that men are just as devastated by something like this.

Some people may call him foolish, but I totally feel for the guy. He trusted his spouse. He should have been able to rely on her NOT to cheat. It was surely a humiliating and heartbreaking experience for Dean. Though it seems that he has picked up the pieces and moved on. Now married to photographer Sarah Silver, he says that he and LeAnn don't keep in touch. And he says there is even one bright spot to the whole sordid mess: now a chef, his headline-grabbing back story has opened the door to TV cooking segments. Now that's making lemonade out of lemons!

Do you think any celeb can stay faithful? Are there any celeb couples you admire?

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