Kate Middleton Shows She's About More Than Kissing Babies & Cute Photo Ops

kate middletonSlowly but surely, Kate Middleton's getting back to business and amping up her participation with charitable causes ... Not to mention all the glitzy, glam events that come with working on them. Coming up on her agenda: A benefit gala for 100 Women in Hedge Funds, a nonprofit for professionals in the investments industry that raises funds for women's and family health, mentoring, and education programs.

This particular event, on October 24, will be held in the Kensington Palace State Apartments and will benefit Action on Addiction, a charity working across the addiction field in research, prevention, treatment, professional education, and family support. It's also one of the five original charities Kate became a patron of when she began taking on royal duties. And it doesn't sound like the easiest, most lighthearted charity she has put her energies toward ...


In fact, it's definitely one of the darker, tougher areas of philanthropy that Kate is involved in. She herself acknowledged that in back in April, when she gave a speech about the issue of addiction, calling it a “hugely complex and destructive disease.” She went on to note:

Through my Patronage of Action on Addiction, I feel fortunate to have met a wide range of inspirational people who have overcome addiction. But those who are addicted are not the only victims. I have been struck by the profound and deeply damaging impact it has on the children of affected parents.

So true -- and so reflective of how multi-layered the cause is. It's fantastic and refreshing to see her speaking up and working hard on this very real issue, proving she does more than photo ops and kissing babies!

I also love that she's steering toward something exclusively geared to bolstering the well-being of women and families. She's never come right out and said it, but judging from this and how she continues to strike out on her own as a royal, in parenting, and in her career, it's looking more and more like Kate's quite the feminist! Bravo to that!

What do you think about Kate's involvement in this charity?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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