Robert Pattinson Has Started a Weird Beauty Ritual to Impress His New Lady

robert pattinsonOf all the crazy Robert Pattinson rumors we've heard over the years, this one just may take the cake. According to a source, the normally pasty (in a good way) RPattz has resorted to spray-tanning to impress the ladies since his split with Kristen Stewart. My guess as to who started the ridiculous rumor? Lindsay Lohan and her Sevin Nyne marketing team.

While I don't, for a single nanosecond, believe this poppycock to be true, let's entertain the notion of Rob getting a spray tan for a bit. Because, well, why not?

Oh, you have something better to do? (Actually, if you don't, I kinda feel bad for you.)


As the story goes, Rob is quite smitten with his rumored girlfriend, Dylan Penn, and he wants to change his look for her -- "determined to bulk up" is how the story goes. (We thought they broke up?) Apparently, Rob wants to go from scrawny, sensitive, Cure fan-esque boy to bulked up, bronzed, Ken doll-esque man. Because, who's with me ladies when I say: Women can't get enough of a dude who they can't touch for an hour while his spray tan dries? So hot.

Not that we've met anywhere outside of the stories I watch during my nighttime slumber, I think I know Rob a little too well to believe he hit up a tanning salon and got spray tanned. Maybe he is going to bulk up a bit, but a spray tan? No.

And if he is, well, I think it just got a hell of a lot easier for Kristen Stewart to get over him. Because bros who spray tan? Not exactly the biggest panty-dropper.

Do you think Rob got a spray tan?


Image via Hubert Boesl/Corbis

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