Prince Harry Engagement Photos Take Things Too Far

prince harryStop. The. Presses. For weeks now tabloids everywhere have been wondering if Prince Harry is going to propose to his girlfriend Cressida Bonas. And now, photos have been leaked of the duo sharing a romantic once-in-a-lifetime moment complete with bubbly and an engagement ring. From the looks of things, Prince Harry and Cressida are engaged! Grab the champs, it's time to celebrate!

Except there's one little tiny detail we have yet to mention: the photos are a total spoof. Sorry sorry, I don't mean to mislead you. Apparently a jewelry company called mocked up the photos of two royal look-alikes to promote the launch of a new range of royal-inspired Duchess engagement rings.

I'll be honest: I totally fell for it! I mean, who doesn't want the hype and excitement of another royal wedding, amirite?! But I'm also starting to get pretty mad about all these outlets prying at the prince to get married. Let the guy do his own thing on his own time!


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Can you imagine what it's gotta be like to be Harry? Okay, so maybe that's not all that easy. But everyone's already watching and over-analyzing your every move, and now you have a jewelry website dummying up faux engagement photos just to get a little bit of press?

I think it's fairly safe to say at this point that Harry really does care about Cressida. I say let the two lovebirds take things at their own pace. Sooner or later we'll all get to go bonkers over another royal wedding -- whether or not it involves Ms. Bonas.

Do you want to see Prince Harry and Cressida tie the knot?


Image via Paul Kane/Pool/Corbis

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