'Sons of Anarchy' Stars Reveal How Charlie Hunnam WILL Do Christian Grey Justice

charlie hunnam on soaBy now, anyone following the harrowing Fifty Shades of Grey casting process knows full well that when Charlie Hunnam was cast as Christian Grey, fans reacted with horror and elation. But how did Charlie's Sons of Anarchy co-stars feel about their colleague opting to enter the Red Room of Pain? Well, at first, they were pretty shocked.

“When he told me that it was happening or that he was considering it I just howled. I mean I think we all did. We’re all like, what?” Maggie Siff, who plays Jax’s savvy wife Tara, told Entertainment Weekly. But it didn't take long for them to understand Charlie's move better ...


Maggie elaborated on Charlie's decision to play Christian:

Then I talked to him seriously about it. I think he’s very brave to do it. He doesn’t do anything unless he feels it deep down. He’s not going to do something because all of his agents are telling him to do something. That’s what makes me think it stands a chance of being really, really great. If he has that conviction going in, then you know it’ll be great.

Oooh, interesting, huh? Sounds like that adds right up with everything else we've been hearing about how Charlie went with his gut on this -- felt compelled to take the part -- and also seems convinced it's going to be something exceptional, which could really take his career to the next level.

Creator Kurt Sutter also noted how "thrilled" the entire SOA family is for Charlie: "He works hard, constantly challenges himself and his craft. He is a star, in all the right ways.” And Katey Segal, who plays Gemma on SOA, is also incredibly supportive, telling EW:

I’m really proud of him. The choice was not an obvious one for him. But for good or bad, he will throw himself 100 percent in. I don’t know if I want to see all that, but maybe.

Ha! We sure want to see it ... Especially because it is sounding more and more like Charlie takes portraying Christian Grey so seriously. As we've been saying all along, a film adaptation of the series has the potential to veer into majorly craptastic, not-even-half-a-thumb up, Gigli- and Glitter-esque territory. But not if we've got a Christian on-board who means business

Charlie himself spoke to just how important it is to him to get Christian right:

There are so many fans of that book and I know that on the surface, I’m probably not what everybody imagined. Because reading is so personal and people bring a character to life in their imagination, they feel ownership over that character. That’s daunting if I allowed myself to think about it too much. I’m taking it very seriously and intend to explore the nature of who this character is, what motivates him—and also dress up nice and look good in those suits.

Aww, haha, love it. His SOA colleagues and fans alike would be fools not to be fully supportive of Charlie Hunnam taking on Christian Grey!

Are you getting more and more excited about Charlie as Christian?


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