Bethenny Frankel Blames Ellen DeGeneres' Empty Promises for Her Awful Talk Show Ratings

bethenny frankelIn theory, a Bethenny Frankel talk show was a good idea. Bethenny's an intelligent person and good conversationalist who's been entertaining to watch on both The Real Housewives of New York and Bethenny Ever After. But when Bethenny the Talk Show: The Idea became Bethenny, the reality, things started to unravel.

Apparently, Bethenny's new daytime show is doing, in a word, dismally. Ratings are so bad that Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show queen who gave Bethenny her show, has asked to have her name as removed from the show's credits because she's "embarrassed." Yeah. It's bad, guys.

But here's where things go from bad to worse: Bethenny is reportedly blaming Ellen for the crap viewership. I know. 


During Bethenny's trial run, Ellen was able to pull some strings and, by the grace of God, get Justin Bieber on the show. But since her show has been picked up, Ellen and her booking agent, who reportedly promised to hook Bethenny up, haven't been able to get a single big-name celeb on the show. The supposed reason? No one wants to make an appearance on a show hosted by a former Housewife. Ellen's people evidently have tried to get Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Miley Cyrus on the show, but all refused to make an appearance based on that very reason.

So there's that. But then there's also the reported reason that Bethenny is simply "too New York" to appeal to a nationwide audience. According to a source: "Bethenny doesn’t appeal to station managers across the country and whoever had the fear that she was too New York was right. The whole thing feels forced."

On one hand I feel bad for Bethenny. Nobody likes empty promises or being on a sinking ship in front of all of America. I'm sure she's feeling both extremely frustrated and incredibly embarrassed right now. But on the other, the woman's a bajillionaire! She should just stay off TV for now. This is her fourth show (Skating With the Stars), and while I get that she's a brand and needs to have her face out there, she doesn't need to have her face ... so out there. She could definitely still count her millions while solely doing appearances.

But I guess once you get a taste of the limelight, it's hard to go back. Hey, maybe that should be a new Skinnygirl margarita flavor? Limelight! Shoot, I'd buy it.

Have you watched Bethenny's show?


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