Jonas Brothers Feud May Mean Cancelled Tour -- Yeah Right

Jonas BrothersWe all get into a fight with our siblings every now and again, right? But the question is: Does that fight cost you millions and millions of dollars? Yeaaaahh, probably not. Apparently the Jonas Brothers are canceling their tour only two days before it's set to begin. The big reason? According to their spokesman, Jesse Derris, "there is a deep rift within the band."

Derris reveals that Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas got in a major argument over the weekend about the direction their music is going in, which resulted in calling off the 19-date tour. As for the future of the Jonas Brothers as we know it? "It remains to be see," according to their rep.

Wait. No. Remains to be seen? I'm sorry, but you may as well call this what it is: A major publicity stunt. Sorry bro, but no one talks like that, not when a bazillion dollars are at stake.


Seriously, though. A 19-date tour isn't a tiny little venture that brings in chump change. I mean, granted, the Jonas Brothers have done pretty well for themselves and I'm sure aren't all that concerned with money. But still, cancelling a tour means disappointing thousands of fans. Not always an ideal scenario for a boy band super group.

My thought process here? These guys want to remain relevant. They want to be in the news. It's easy to get into the news when you "cancel" a national tour. However, it's just as easy to "uncancel" a tour as it is to call it off in the first place, especially when they're still two days out.

I'm calling it now. The tour will be back on tomorrow, just you wait and see.

Do you think the Jonas Brothers are really in a fight?


Image via Byron Purvis/Admedia/Corbis

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