Jimmy Fallon Reminds Us Miley Cyrus Does Actually Have Talent (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon Miley CyrusAre you sick of Miley Cyrus yet? Are ya?! Well TOO DAMN BAD. She is everywhere and will continue to be as long as pathetic minions like me write about her and give her the press she so desperately craves. But then again, something like her performance with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots comes up, and you can't help but wonder ... maybe this young girl knows exactly what she's doing.

I probably should have posted this anonymously because I'm willing to admit that Miley does actually have some talent. It just gets lost underneath all her batshit crazy antics. And it's incredibly easy to become slack-jawed in awe of what she's willing to pull off and how far she's trying to push the boundaries. Still, you can't help but be somewhat impressed by her recent, stripped-down performance. She, Jimmy, and The Roots sing an a capella version of "We Can't Stop," Brady Bunch-style. Never thought you'd see all those words strung together in one sentence, huh?


Listen for yourself!

Everyone just, sorry for the cliche, brought it in this video. Fallon is a genius for giving everyone a reminder that Miley can sing ... and sing pretty damn well. No foam fingers, no tongue wagging (ugh, minus the end, why'd she have to do that?!), no twerking, no body parts sticking out everywhere. Miley could perhaps have a career based on her singing and talent alone! Who would have ever thought?! Too bad she doesn't, but I digress.

All around, it's a rather enjoyable, pleasant video, and those are not adjectives I would have ever connected with Miley nowadays. You tend to think more about antics like this. Or this. So you gotta give the girl credit when credit's due.

Side note: I also kind of want to hang out with every single member of The Roots at some point in my life. So much personality shining through from each of them even in those tiny little boxes! Seriously, major kudos to everyone who was involved in this video. Sometimes it's nice to escape the real world for a few precious minutes.

Are you surprised by this video? Sick of Miley, or do you think she really does have talent?


Image via latenight/YouTube

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