Kim Kardashian's Gray Skinny Jeans Show Off Every Inch of Her Most Famous Asset (PHOTOS)

Kim KardashianWhoa -- that sure didn't take long! Check out Kim Kardashian's gray skinny jeans, which show that she's lost more than a decent amount of the baby weight she gained with North West, if not almost all of it.

She must be working really hard to get back in shape, seeing as how it's only been a little less than four months since Nori was born.

Paired with that cute gray sweater and heels that look nothing short of painful to walk in, it's clear that Kim hasn't let having a child ruin her sense of style.

And why would she? (Duh. Because Kanye West just won't have it. The end.)


She's just as fashionable and voluptuous as ever, as you can see from this rear view shot.

Kim Kardashian

Yep. There it is. Kim's world renowned behind. It's back. And it's out there. And if this were anyone other than Kim Kardashian, those jeans would be considered way too tight -- but when part of the reason you're famous is because of your ass? Yeah, you can get away with wearing any pair of pants even if they appear to be half a size too small or so.

Kim looks great, and it's obvious her self-confidence is returning too (yay!). She should go ahead and flaunt what she's got and continue to show off her incredible post-baby body like it's her job. (It kind of is, so ...)

What do you think of Kim's sexy look?


Images via Splash

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