Simon Cowell's Curious Birthday Guest Makes Us Wonder If He's Ready to be a Family Man

Simon CowellSimon Cowell is soon to be a daddy and, wow, it's hard to know how this whole thing is gonna go. Simon had always said he didn't want children. Some of his pals said he thought he was "tricked" by Lauren Silverman, his baby mama. And yet Simon himself says he's happy about the whole thing. So what to make of this latest? Simon had a big birthday party on Monday, his the mother of his child wasn't invited! Okay, maybe she was invited. But she wasn't there. Maybe she had the flu or ... or ... pregnancy cramps or sumpthin'.


But even weirder? Simon's ex-girlfriend, Terry Seymour, was there. The two ran errands together before the party. And she was photographed sitting on Simon's lap in his car. Yiyiyi, I hope Lauren isn't the jealous type.

This is the guy who also recently went on vacation with yet another ex-girlfriend, singer Sinitta, one who claims she aborted Simon's baby. Oh, that Simon. Not much for birth control, is he?

Of course, men are allowed to be friends with their ex-girlfriends. And they're allowed to invite them to their birthday parties. But to vacation with your ex, spend your birthday with your ex ... what next? Ex in the delivery room?

But Lauren must have known what she signed up for. Or maybe she thought she could change him. Stranger things have happened.

You have to wonder what all of this means about how Simon will parent. Maybe he'll be an awesome dad but a crappy partner. Personally, I think one of the best ways you can be a wonderful parent is by being a wonderful partner.

But, like I said, Lauren knew what she was getting into. And who knows how those two kids rock it. They might have an "arrangement." All I can say is, better her than me!

Do you think this says anything about what kind of dad Simon will be?


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